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  • Henry Purcell at the Chapel Royal

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    The King’s Consort, Robert King
    13.5.2011 De Bijloke, Gent
    12.5.2011 De Oosterpoort, Groningen

    Henry Purcell:
    Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem
    How long, great God
    It is a good thing to give thanks
    Let mine eyes run down with tears
    Rejoice in the Lord alway
    Hosanna to the highest
    Remember not, Lord, our offences
    Full of wrath, his threat’ning breath
    I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord

    Julie Cooper, Rebecca Outram, Sopran
    Bernhard Landauer, Countertenor
    Charles Daniels, Tenor
    Ben Davies, Bass

    The King’s Consort
    Leitung: Robert King

    Cecilia Bernardini, Madeleine Easton Violine
    Jane Norman, Viola
    Emily Robinson, Kinga Gaborjani, Bassvioline
    Lynda Sayce, Matthew Nisbet, Theorbe
    Mark Williams, Robert King, Orgel

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